Our Process
We do a thorough inspection of area to be completed. We then prep all surfaces by doing the necessary process of cleaning, pressurewashing, scraping, cauking, patching drywall in areas as needed. Covering furniture, floor or ground area.
We prime all raw or unpainted surfaces, then apply coating as specified in the contract. After painting is completed, customer will then review job to see if it is to their satisfaction.
We provide a satisfaction guaranteed for all services provided.
Painting Process
Within 3 working days we send a representative from our service department who will perform a detailed inspection of the entire job.

When our crew arrives onsite all items in and around the painting area are masked off, and the floors or ground area are covered. Then we move on to prepping all surfaces. This may entail cleaning, pressure washing, sanding, scraping of loose paint and caulking of any necessary cracks. We'll also patch your drywall as needed.

We prime all raw or unpainted surfaces, then follow with 1 to 2 coats of industry leading finish as specified in the estimate.

Finishing the Job
After painting is complete, we move all items back to their original positions with the exception of pictures, then encourage the homeowner to look over the completed work before collecting our final payment.
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